Welcome to DNA Payments
2nd February 2021

We're delighted to be introducing you to DNA Payments and highlighting the various ways in which we can help your business. So let's get started...

Hello World!

Over 394 Billion Pounds was spent in the UK’s shops in 2019, which represents a huge challenge to the economy when the 2.9 Million people relying on the Retail sector alone can no longer travel to work through the various lockdown restrictions we’ve all experienced throughout 2020 & 2021.

Supply chains have been torn apart, customer interaction has had to change and the flow of money and services has had to massively adapt to ensure we all get through this pandemic together.

Whilst many of us have had to shut up shop, the entrepreneurial spirit of the 306,000 shops who keep our country moving has not waned. In times of uncertainty there is opportunity to grow, adapt and improve our products. 

During this period of inward reflection, we have been working behind the scenes at DNA Payments to offer our customers new opportunities and products to adapt to the environment they now find themselves in.

Some of the most commonly asked questions we are asked include:

  • How do I take payments over the phone if I can’t use my card reader?

  • If my customer’s aren't willing to share their card details over the phone, how else can I accept payments from them?

  • How can I ensure my customers do not have to touch a keypad if they are able to come into my store?

  • My revenue has dipped from my UK based customers so I’m looking to expand internationally - what payment methods do I need to enable for them?

  • HELP! How do I build a website and integrate payment methods there?

Sounds familiar? You’re not alone.

Thankfully, much of the existing infrastructure already existed at DNA Payments to ensure a seamless transition from a physical environment to online transactions. But what kind of relationship would you like to have with your Payment Service Provider (PSP)?

We've built this company based on transparency and trust to disrupt the status quo, we’re fed up of merchants paying for miscellaneous fees and optional extras that they never understood and signed up for in the first place.

Your growth ambitions are shared with DNA Payments and we are excited to support existing and new merchants throughout 2021 in what will hopefully be a better year for all of us. 

As we continue to grow, with new acquisitions and products joining the DNA family including 123Send, Active Payments, Optomany and Zash, we’re in an even better position to help our merchants. Online, In store, Over the phone.

Your customers need you now, more than ever. Choose a Payment Provider you can rely on.

*DNA Payments was founded in 2017 and offers proprietary POS, Pay by Link, MOTO, Gateway & Acquiring services to over 30,000 merchants in the UK.