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Chargebacks and disputes
Chargebacks and disputes
What's a chargeback/dispute?
A chargeback/dispute is a charge returned to a payment card after a dispute has been raised against a transaction.

Disputes and chargebacks are usually initiated by a Cardholder (your customer) who contacts their Card Issuer (their bank) to dispute a transaction posted to their account.

Your customer can dispute an item on their account any time up to 180 days from the transaction date. The Card Issuer raises the disputed transactions to the Card Schemes (usually Visa and MasterCard etc.) with specific dispute categories/reason codes. The Card Scheme will facilitate the notification, financial liability and associated fees of the dispute to the Acquirer (DNA Payments), who'll then send a notification to you (the merchant).
How will you notify me if I receive a chargeback?
We'll send you an email notification to the latest known email address and let you know:
· the chargeback/dispute was raised
· the amount of the chargeback/dispute and the amount that we'll withhold from the Settlement owed to you
· the reason code of the chargeback(s) that's been assigned by the Card Issuer
· the response due date
How much time do I have to respond to the chargeback?
You'll be required to respond to our request within 10 calendar days as Payment Schemes' rules and time restrictions are rigorous
How will you support me if I receive a chargeback?
We'll provide a detailed chargeback and dispute guide to manage the chargeback.

You'll have the option to either agree with the chargeback raised or to dispute the chargeback by providing us with sufficient or compelling evidence to submit to the issuing bank the details of your evidence as documented in the guide.

If a chargeback has been raised for a transaction that you've already refunded to the Cardholder, we'll represent you by sending the relevant refund information to the Issuer.

If a response isn't received within the timeframe, we'll send you one reminder as we're expected to respond to the issuing bank. However, if a response is not received, the case will be automatically closed, and the chargeback/dispute will be lost.

We'll inform you of the outcome of the challenged dispute transaction via email.

If the Issuer's convinced the evidence you've provided is sufficient, you've won the dispute, and you'll be refunded the amount to your bank account.

If the Issuer is not satisfied with your evidence post-pre-arbitration stage (i.e. second round or enquiries), the dispute has been lost. However, at this stage, you can still opt to further challenge this decision by taking your case to an arbitration level. This stage and the entire process are heavily regulated by Payment Scheme Rules and may entail substantial costs. We will support you through this process.
Do you have any tips to protect me from chargebacks?
To protect yourself from chargebacks, please ensure the Terms and Conditions are clear on websites and any literature.

Ensure contact details are available to customers who may have disputes or request delivery timeframes.

Be fraud aware:
Card Not Present (CNP) transactions typically involve a much higher risk of fraud than Card Present (chip & PIN) transactions and online payments that are completed using 3DSecure. CNP can be denoted as mail order/telephone order, Payment Links, Virtual Terminal and Ecommerce transactions – 3DSecure strong customer authentication makes the transaction safer when accepting transactions via a website.