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More than just card payments
Our Payment Solutions accept all payment methods, so your business never misses a sale
More ways to pay
Major cards, PayPal and other payments methods are ready to be accepted on your website, 24/7
Payment methods
Complete control of your Payment Methods

Businesses are becoming global, so we’ve developed our Payment Solutions to accept all payment methods worldwide. You’ve got complete control over payment types you choose to receive, all managed using our Merchant Portal.

Discover our alternative Payment Methods

Lets your customers to spread the cost of transactions


Quick and easy as customers can pay in just a few clicks


Alipay+ payment method used by millions of customers

Pay By Bank app

Accept secure payments via the MasterCard app


Hassle-free and interest-free instalments

Open Banking

Provide safe and secure customer transactions seamlessly


As a trusted leader in digital micro-donations


Integrated fraud security and transaction intelligence

Click to Pay

Streamlined, secure online checkout experience

Discover our Card Payment Methods

Visa, a trusted leader in digital payments


A global technology company in the payments industry

American Express

Credit and Charge Cards with exclusive travel & lifestyle benefits


A major card scheme from China with global business

Discover® Global Network

Travel and entertainment focussed charge card


Brand of debit cards and prepaid cards owned by Mastercard

Discover our Payment Solutions
Card Machines

Whatever Card Payment Solution your business needs, we’ve a card reader suitable for you, so apply online and start accepting payments

Online Payments

Not every business exists in a physical space, and they don't need one in the age of Ecommerce to target audiences. Our online solutions enable your business to be ready to secure sales 24/7.

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