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20 June, 2023
DNA Payments announces new axept® Cloud Connect integration service
We’re delighted to announce our new axept® Cloud Connect integration service, which allows our Corporate customers* to integrate with a compatible axept® PRO payment device to initiate payments and retrieve the transaction results without the merchant sending these directly to the device.

This solution allows merchants to integrate with cellular-connected devices rather than just the traditional ethernet and Wi-Fi terminals.

Previously, to start a transaction on an axept® PRO payment device, you needed to either have an app on that device (app to app) or a computer on the same local area network (LAN). With axept® Cloud Connect, a computer anywhere else worldwide with an internet connection and the required credentials can start a transaction.

If you’re a Corporate customer and would like to enquire about this service, please get in touch:

For more information about axept® PRO, visit our page here

*This is a Corporate solution only and doesn’t apply to Small to Medium Size Enterprise (SME) merchants/partners. It'll require integration, and therefore may not be possible, depending on your set-up requirements.

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