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30 April, 2024
Merchant Portal: Real-time reporting for a variety of payment types and methods
Throughout 2023 we gave a lot of attention to our Merchant Portal, improving and streamlining its look, feel and functionality to help our merchants get the best experience and intelligence in one unified cloud-based platform.

So, with all its new improvements, what can merchants do?  


Intelligent platform via a single login for quick and easy access  


Via a single login or using a login for multiple business entities, merchants can get instant access to all their payment analytics, customer insights and engagement via the dashboard, plus data and transaction reporting, so businesses don't have to move from pillar-to-post to navigate their payment information. They can also access their Payment Links or Virtual Terminal solutions, where they can quickly create links to send to their customers or accept seamless payments over the phone via the Virtual Terminal.


So that your business can get the users required to access your transactions, data and statements, we provide multiple user access with complete control via the admin panel on who gets access and at what level.  


Merchants can access and drill down Billing, Settlement Statements, Transaction Data and Reports, all explored using helpful search toolbars, and results can be downloaded as PDF for invoices or CSV and Excel files for more comprehensive search results for accounting, reporting, troubleshooting and monitoring purposes.  


Keep ahead with data insights, reporting and troubleshooting – all in one place  


Merchants using one or multiple payment solutions from us can easily log in and access their business's transactional data with insights and tools for reporting and troubleshooting, all in one unified platform.  


So, whether you're using an online payment solution or one of our POS payment terminals, we've covered you with our Merchant Portal without using multiple channels and providers, making your working day easier.  


Online Payments can be cancelled or refunded via our Merchant Portal, with the ability to also refund POS Payments, so businesses get complete control of their payments with complete peace of mind.  


You can monitor your POS American Express transactions in real-time, avoiding using multiple platforms.  


Our reporting overview dashboard gives merchants the detail they need to make essential business decisions via informed analytical data insights as they happen.  


Stay informed and supported  


To educate and help our merchant base, we've created a range of FAQs, video and PDF guides, online chat support, and email communication so that their journey with us is frictionless and easy with all the information and touch points needed to help them thrive.

Coming soon!

We're working diligently to bring you a convenient way to access your payment data anytime, anywhere, with our upcoming Merchant Portal Mobile App. This innovative app will offer you a clear and centralised platform to track your transactions on the go. While we're still finalising the launch date, we'll be sure to keep you informed, so look out for the launch news, email, and social media posts!

In the meantime, if you've already got access, feel free to log in to our Merchant Portal by clicking


Are you ready to start your payment journey with us?  


If you feel your business would like a consultation for any of the above, then please reach out here, and our team of experts will be happy to help!

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