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30 April, 2024
Our top 5 tips for keeping your payments secure in 2024
Merchants across the UK accept millions of payments daily. With new digital, cloud-based services, it's essential to use a payment provider that understands the security landscape, compliance and data security measures needed to run a business in today's digital age so you can keep accepting convenient transactions and protect against potential cyber threats.

To help merchants understand how serious protecting your information is to us, we've collated our top 5 tips for businesses to keep payments secure in 2024:  


1) Ensure your online checkout page is mobile-friendly and is 3DS v2 compliant for quick authentication  


Merchants need a quick and secure authentication process compatible with modern mobile browsers. That's why all our online payments made via website checkout pages are 3DS v2 compliant at their core, giving your customers a streamlined process meeting the needs of a new era of convenient payments and helping reduce cart abandonment and checkout times. 

With a frictionless transactional flow, payment authentication can be made in an access control server (ACS) without the customer's input, meaning fewer pop-ups, passwords and additional steps. 

2) Reduce fraud and data breaches by using a PCI DSS compliant provider  


Any company that accepts and processes payments needs to be PCI DSS Compliant, so we uphold the highest level of this compliance across our online and POS card acceptance methods, ensuring maximum data security with every card transaction and aligning our Payment Solutions with card issuers' latest data security benchmarks.  


PCI DSS Compliance provides merchants using our checkout and payment solutions with complete peace of mind, so their customers' card data is highly secure, saving them time and making PCI validation easier and quicker, so there's less friction in the onboarding process.  


3) Protect your business against potential fraud  


To help your business with potential fraud, ensure your payments provider has the correct intelligence to avoid chargebacks and improve your order processing.  


Our partner, Signifyd, has been appointed as our integrated fraud security provider to increase our transaction intelligence, providing a precise measure of the level of risk involved with each order and a recommendation to ship it or not, depending on that risk. The high-quality decisions mean our merchant customers pass cleaner transaction traffic on to their banks, which is one key to keeping their authorisation rates high.  


Signifyd is helping thousands of merchants with chargebacks, dramatically reducing false declines and eliminating manual review while demonstrating the ability to increase the number of approved orders.  


4) Use a provider with a comprehensive payment risk strategy, procedures, rules and guidelines  


We're aware of all the risks involved with defaults and payment events, which is why we've got a robust and comprehensive payment risk strategy, sets of procedures, rules and guidelines all geared at helping our merchants mitigate potential risks while processing payments for peace of mind.  


Although there has never been a proper risk-free payment method, our automated monitoring solution detects fraudulent activity across our payments ecosystem to mitigate the risk of fraud, chargebacks, and any dangerous, unwanted activity.  


5) Ensure your payment terminals use Point to Point Encryption 


It’s vital that customers' card information is encrypted securely when they tap, swipe or enter their cards into your payment device. Once payment is made, straight after the information is read at the payment terminal point of sale, the data then remains encrypted until it is processed, which is why all our POS Payment Solutions are all Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE) v3 encryption standard approved 


We provide an all-in-one solution with our payments, which are all PCI compliant as standard, and validated to eliminate data breaches throughout the payment ecosystem. 


Interested in accepting safe and secure payments today with a trustworthy provider?   


Then please reach out here, and our team of experts will be happy to help!

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