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7 July, 2023
QuidMarket testimonial video highlights DNA Payments’ online payment solution
We’re delighted to showcase our latest testimonial video with our partner QuidMarket, an established provider of quick and flexible short-term loans.

In this latest testimonial, QuidMarket’s Head of Technology, Josh Asuman, and Finance Manager, Martyn Stevenson, explain how DNA Payments’ online payment solution helped them offer card and alternative payment methods via their website, configured to tokenise their customers’ card information and prepare and schedule future monthly payments, all set up to be processed directly from their CRM using simplified transactional APIs and managed, tracked and monitored in the one place.

✅ Testimonial by: Josh Asuman, Head of Technology and Martyn Stevenson, Finance Manager at QuidMarket - 

✅ You can watch the full testimonial here:

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