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18 December, 2023
Tom Suter joins DNA Payments as Group Head of Corporate Sales
First of all, I want to start by wishing you, your company and your families a wonderful Christmas and a successful 2024.

As Group Head of Corporate Sales at DNA Payments, 2023 has been an eventful and exciting period of growth. Starting in the late summer, I came to oversee our focus on helping our bigger customers enjoy the benefits we can offer.


We'll firmly focus on expanding our capabilities in 2024, ensuring you can unify your payments across your entire business estate. It shouldn't matter whether your customers are online, on-premises, or on their mobile devices; we're here to ensure that they've got a seamless and reliable journey and that you get a prompt and efficient settlement.


As with any business, 2023 hasn't been all plain sailing. We're committed to continuing to invest to grow, scale, and ensure the resiliency of all our technology. We continually invest in front- and back-end infrastructure to meet your daily needs.


We look forward to helping you grow to ever greater heights in 2024.


Best wishes,


Tom Suter

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