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PAX A920
PAX A920
My APAY APP has stopped working; how do I fix this?
Restarting your Card Machine can resolve this issue. If this is happening continuously, it may be a software-related issue where our Support Team would be able to assist further.
I want to stop receipts from being printed; how can I do this?
Receipts need to be printed and cannot be disabled. Contactless payments will only print the merchant copy by default
My device is not powering up; what do I do?
The most common reasons for power failures are faulty, worn or otherwise unreliable power supplies or batteries. If you've more than one paired device, it's helpful to try and determine what the problem might be by testing the power supply or battery from another known working device. Beyond identifying the cause in this way, the only resolution will be for replacement parts or, in more extreme examples, a complete replacement device. Please get in touch with our Support Team, who can guide you through any initial diagnostics and ultimately arrange for replacement parts to be provided where required.
My transactions are declining; why is this?
Your transactions can decline for various reasons, including a lack of funds, attempted use of lost/stolen/expired cards, a need to "fall forward" from contactless to Chip & PIN transactions or a technical error. If you find that all attempted transactions are failing, please get in touch with our Support Team for further assistance.
Why can’t I perform refunds? Should I include the generic login details?
The issue could be caused by being logged into the "sales" user credentials and not the "supervisor" login credentials, as the sales login won't have the refund functionality unless it's been requested. These login details should've been sent to you in an email. If you're unable to find this information, our Support Team will be able to provide the login credentials for you.