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PAX S900
PAX S900
How do I integrate the device with my till and EPOS NOW system?
To integrate your Card Machine with your EPOS NOW system, you'll need to provide EPOS NOW with the user credentials of the Card Machine and the department ID (both of which you can obtain from our Support Team). Once you've provided EPOS with these details, they'll be able to guide you through the rest of the integration.
How do I connect my Card Machine to my Wi-Fi Network?
If your Card Machine is new, it'll prompt you to connect to Wi-Fi during the initial set-up procedure. The same configuration option is then accessible manually at any time by following this pathway on your PAX S900 device: Option 5 - Menu, Option 2 - Supervisor, Option 1 - Network settings. Your Card Machine will now display the network selection menu. When selecting Wi-Fi, the Card Machine will ask if you would like to configure Wi-Fi settings manually - for most users, this is not necessary, so select no by pressing the cross button. Your Card Machine will scan for available network connections and provide you with a list. After selecting your network, your Card Machine will prompt you to input your password; please be aware that Wi-Fi passwords are case-sensitive, so you'll need to input this accurately. Once entered successfully, your Card Machine will now be connected to Wi-Fi. Repeat the exercise in future to connect to any other Wi-Fi network.
Can I use a Mobile SIM to use my device on the go?
All Portable, battery-operated Card Machines we supply can be configured to support a SIM card for connections via mobile networks. If included as part of your initial order, the device will be configured automatically on arrival. Alternatively, SIM cards can be ordered as additional components and set up remotely, or in some limited cases, on some devices, it may be possible to configure and use a SIM you supply. Please get in touch with our Support Team for further assistance.
My device is not powering up; what do I do?
The most common reasons for power failures are faulty, worn or otherwise unreliable power supplies or batteries. If you've more than one paired Card Machine, it's helpful to try and determine what the problem might be by testing the power supply or battery from another known working device. Beyond identifying the cause in this way, the only resolution will be for replacement parts or, in more extreme examples, a complete replacement Card Machine. Please get in touch with our Support Team, who can guide you through any initial diagnostics and ultimately arrange for replacement parts to be provided where required.
My transactions are declining; why is this?
Your transactions can decline for various reasons, including a lack of funds, attempted use of lost/stolen/expired cards, a need to "fall forward" from contactless to Chip & PIN transactions or a technical error. If you find that all attempted transactions are failing, please get in touch with our Support Team for further assistance.
How do I switch to Semi-integrated?
Suppose you're logged in to your Card Machine; select option 7 to log out. On the user Log in screen, press the function key, and a menu will appear, select Integration mode and then change to semi-integrated. See the following for the complete pathway: If necessary, log out (option 7) - press the function key - select integration mode - select semi-integrated.