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PAX S800
PAX S800
How do I connect my device to ethernet, or why is my device failing to connect?
The PAX S800 doesn't use Wi-Fi or GPRS; it can only use ethernet. During the set-up of the device, it'll present the network configuration screen, and you'll need to select ethernet and then choose DHCP. If this fails to set up, try a different Ethernet cable, or check with your network administrator if DHCP is supported.
My receipts are not printing; what do I do?
Typical printing issues are caused by the following: 1) ensure the printer cover is fully closed and clipped. 2) check for any visible damage to the printer cover or the internal areas of the printer's mechanism, like the cog. 3) Make sure the till roll is the correct type and the right way around in the printer head.
My device is not powering up; what do I do?
Check for any visible damage to the power cable or port. If you've got a spare power cable, try to see whether that works; if it does, this indicates that it was a faulty cable, so our Support Team will organise a replacement cable. If an alternate power cable does not work, this would suggest a more severe issue that requires repair or replacement.
My transactions are declining; why is this?
Your transactions can decline for various reasons, including a lack of funds, attempted use of lost/stolen/expired cards, a need to "fall forward" from contactless to Chip & PIN transactions or a technical error. If you find that all attempted transactions are failing, please get in touch with our Support Team for further assistance.