Help centre
I'm not receiving the correct funds in my bank account; why is this?
Please get in touch with our Support Team for further assistance, who'll be able to check why this is happening
What are Monthly Fees?
Monthly Fees are the charges we charge you for the service, which can be transactional related fees and monthly fixed fees
What's the billing schedule?
We operate a monthly billing schedule
What's the Minimum Monthly Service Charge?
Minimum Monthly Service Charge or MMSC applies when you don't transact enough to reach a certain threshold, we'll charge the subsequent agreed (MSA) charge.
How do I access my invoices?
You can download the Statements from the Dashboard
How do I view my invoices?
The Statement contains all data, detailed (each card type, volume and value of the transactions) and consolidated by date
How do I pay an outstanding amount on my account?
The outstanding balance will be deducted from the subsequent settlement, but if there's no Settlement because the merchant no longer operates, an invoice will be issued and sent to the merchant