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PCI procedures
PCI procedures
What is PCI Compliance?
The main goal of the PCI SSC is to ensure that cardholder data is protected wherever it is processed, stored or transmitted.

The five major payment brands who are members of the council and help evolve the PCI DSS program so that companies such as DNA Payments can achieve PCI DSS compliance. DNA Payments is PCI DSS-approved Service Provider and is required annually to complete an audit with a QSA (Qualified Security Assessor).

To ensure that cardholder is protected, the PCI DSS aims to enhance security for companies that accept, store, process or transfer card information regardless of the number of transactions the company handles. This is achieved by 12 requirements that range from ensuring you have a firewall in place, vulnerability management and security policies etc.
Do I have to become PCI Compliant?
All merchants onboarded by us should comply with PCI-DSS, and the level of compliance requirement is driven mainly by the transaction count (merchant level)
How do I become PCI Compliant?
We'll initiate the SAQ (Self Assessment Questionnaire) depending on the transaction level, which validates merchants' PCI compliance
I need help becoming PCI Compliant; what do I do?
If you need assistance in being PCI compliant, we're happy to help. Please get in touch with our Support Team for further assistance, and a team member will contact you.
What happens if I'm not PCI compliant?
We don't issue non-compliance fees. But ensuring you are PCI Compliance will ensure that you've implemented PCI Compliance within your business.
Where do I go to become PCI Compliant?
We'll contact you directly and ensure that PCI Compliance is achieved
How do I complete a PCI vulnerability scan?
On the PCI SSC website, there's a full list of Approved Scanning Vendors (ASV); they'll be able to assist with the scanning requirements