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axept® PRO Android POS app

This tutorials will guide you through the process of setting up and accepting payments, as well as performing refunds, using your axept® Pro card machine from DNA Payments.

axept Pro User Guide
axept® Pro card machine activation
Wi-Fi connection setup
SIM card connection setup
Logging in
Card present sales
Mail and phone orders
Card present refund
Card not present refund
Merchant Portal

Explore the DNA Payments Merchant Portal and it's features

Merchant Portal Guide
Merchant Portal overview
Payment Links

Detailed tutorial on how to use Payment Links

Payment Links Guide
Virtual Terminal

Step-by-step guide on how to accept payments via Virtual Terminal

Virtual Terminal Guide
Website Payments

Explore how our integrated Website Payments work

Website Payments Guide
Website Payments overview
Zash Epos

Explore how our all-in-one Epos Solution works

Chargebacks Guide

This guide describes our Chargeback procedures in a step-by-step format


This short guide will explain how to submit PCI-SAQ forms

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